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Stress and anxiety seem to be running high these days – often your mind feels like a game of pinball.

Your body may have become a source of pain and discomfort, rather than the nourishing home that it’s meant to be…

Old solutions don’t seem to be working the way they used to. Personal growth feels stymied and and you’re eager to try something different – something new – that can help you feel better. You want to shake things up.

When your mind cannot guide you, when you are overwhelmed and reason and logic fail to yield results, this is a good time to access the wisdom of your body.

The body has much to offer – refuge, wisdom, peace – but we have to know how to access it, how to start to work with it rather than rely upon our mind to control it. This is what Yoga teaches.

There are countless Yogic tools and techniques that can help you experience more wellbeing, a sense of wholeness, and vitality. And myriad Yoga styles from which to choose – and while some will suit your body and being, others will feel like wearing the wrong size shoes.

As experts in different traditions of yoga such as Hatha, Restorative, and Kundalini, we can guide you in finding a shoe that fits.

Whether you want to restore your nervous system, connect to your body’s wisdom, find inner strength, manage your stress and anxiety, or achieve higher goals such as manifestation, or gain subtler levels of awareness, together we will design a Yoga practice that helps you to achieve your personal goals in the time frame and style that feels right to you.