Your life has been hijacked.

You’ve organized your days around self-protection and avoidance.

Something – or a few things – happened, and it scared and hurt you so much that the fear of it has taken over.

It’s now dictating your actions, routines, relationships, and mood.

It may have happened last week, last month, or many years ago.

Regardless, it’s got to stop.

The huge reactions to loud noises, certain images or smells, or what ought to be safe situations.

You need to find a sense of safety and stability once again.

But no matter your intention, no matter how much time passes, you keep reacting, you stay hypervigilant, you look for danger everywhere.

When you’re unable to move on from the past, unable to stop managing feelings and reactions that you think should have long disappeared, it’s easy to become despondent, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

This doesn’t feel okay – not anymore.

You’re ready to stop hiding and start living.

You’re willing to embrace the challenge, because however hard it will be, there is a light beckoning you out of the darkness – the chance to take back control, to live the life you want.

It’s hard to imagine from here, but difficult experiences and their painful aftermath can lead to tremendous growth and change.

They offer the possibility of leading an even more fulfilling life once they have been right-sized in your daily experience.

The capacity to look back without fear and forward with optimism – to know that you chart your own course and determine your own fate.

When you’re ready to take the next step, we’re here for you.

Your therapist will work alongside you, at your pace, to bring light to areas of darkness through the exploration and processing of your trauma.

It will be challenging – no doubt about that.

So finding a therapist who can support this particular type of sensitive work is vital to having a successful experience; to getting your life back.

Your therapist will give you concrete skills to help you manage the dysregulation you’re experiencing – to help tolerate and move through the painful emotions in a functional and healthy way.

At the same time, therapy provides the space to explore the impact of your emotional pain on your relationships. It provides a chance to heal whatever rifts have occurred.

Take back your life. When you’re ready to take the next step, call or email to schedule an initial consultation.