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Rebeca Tera Shiva Brau

Born and raised in a small town in Mexico, south of the border of Arizona, I grew up in a family that had strict views of children’s roles and behavior and very traditional religious beliefs. It was clear that there were very specific ideals and expectations for my life.

A dutiful daughter, I earned a business degree, got married and, by age 25, had 2 children and a life that did not feel like my own. I was on the path dictated by my parents and culture – alienated from my true desires.

After years of living someone else’s path, I finally found Yoga, and my life changed at an exponential rate. Fast forward to today, I have established roots in NYC, I am the happy single mother of 2 spirited teens, and I am a Yoga and Meditation teacher.

I have experienced the healing power of Yoga, not only in my life, but also in the lives of my students and clients. Yoga offers the student an opportunity to connect with herself internally, to come to new awarenesses and to harness the psychological and physical energy needed to change and grow. The practice of the Yoga asanas can facilitate a dissolution of subconscious blocks that get in the way of connecting with one’s authentic self. The result? At is best, yoga can offer an immense sense of relief and grace, trust in the wisdom of one’s body, a felt sense of support of the universe, and increased room for peace and joy.

I have studied many different modalities and philosophies of Yoga, enabling me to find the perfect Yogic technology for each individual. Everybody can do Yoga! To begin, you just need to be yourself. Nothing more.

My spiritual name is Tera Shiva which means “the sacred Lioness who clears away all darkness by generating vitality, hope and light into the world; bringing spiritual compassion and newness into the lives of all those around her.”

When I first received it, I felt that I was finally acknowledged in the world as my true self. In Yoga, Dharma refers to our purpose and passion. It is my Dharma to guide you on this leg of your journey towards become the best version of yourself.