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Stephanie Labadorf Blum, LCSW
Director of DBT

It is both a privilege and an honor to bear witness to someone else’s personal story.

I love building connections with clients and helping them develop a better understanding of their feelings and behaviors. I pride myself on being an extremely active and collaborative therapist. If you’re looking for someone to stare at you with a blank expression and ask, “ How do you feel about that?” over and over again, I’m not the right therapist for you.

I believe the therapeutic relationship is one of the greatest drivers of positive change, and I put great emphasis on bringing warmth and authenticity into the room.

I’ve pursued training in a variety of methods, because I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to therapy. Everyone is different in what approach or model would serve them best, so I treat each patient in a unique and dynamic way.

While I work with a variety of issues, my particular area of interest is couples and family work. I’ve devoted a lot of my post-graduate training to studying relationships and how they function. I believe the quality of our relationships greatly impacts the quality of our lives; therefore, I find great reward in helping others break the negative cycles of interaction in which relationships often get stuck.

There is no greater feeling than providing a safe and nonjudgmental space for someone to learn more about themselves, and express themselves in new and cathartic ways. Together, we will define your problem areas, identify your authentic needs, and develop an effective treatment plan that feels right for you.

Fun fact: My real name is Stephanie, but everyone calls me Stevie. My mom started calling me Stevie as a child, after her favorite musician, Stevie Nicks. I’m a big Fleetwood Mac fan, and music lover in general, so I’ve taken the nickname in stride. Feel free to call me Stevie too!