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Self Exploration

Get To Know YOU Better

Perhaps you’ve been in therapy before – you’ve worked on some big issues.

And though you’re now better, the work doesn’t feel complete.

Alternately, you want to better understand yourself: your motivations and desires, your relationships and how you exist in the world.

Therapy is an ideal place to explore and gain insight.

Self-actualization refers to the experience of becoming fully and wholly oneself.

Therapy for self-actualization challenges you to address your individual fears and cultural constraints as you search for your own voice and sense of personal empowerment.

This kind of exploratory and process-oriented therapy can serve many functions.

It can help you establish identity, define your own voice, and understand the role you tend to take on in relationships.

It also helps you set appropriate and healthy boundaries, build self-efficacy and a sense of personal agency, and identify your passions and find ways for you to pursue them.

This type of work is usually relationship-driven.

Specifically, by exploring the relationship with your therapist as it develops, noting your projections, reactions and assumptions about your therapist you can explore your own identity, voice and role in relationships in real-time.

It’s a bit like going to the gym in that you are actively working the muscles of your psyche in vivo.

There’s no better time to delve deep and learn more about yourself, and we can help. To schedule an appointment or find out more, call us.