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Ruth Perez Tortoriello, LMHC

I am awed and inspired by the courage people display in taking control of their lives and working to better themselves and their futures.

I believe that it is our innate nature to move towards wholeness and overall balance. I’ve noticed that one of the primary roadblocks in the way of this integration is our tendency to think of emotions as  nuisances. In response to the idea that feelings are disruptive and irrelevant, we push them away or
numb and ignore these important internal cues.

But emotions can help us develop deeper and more fulfilling relationships with ourselves, others and our environment – so the primary work of therapy is to learn to tolerate, listen and experience emotions.  

As a therapist, I like to create an environment of collaboration with my client – one that is warm, playful and curious. I believe it is imperative that therapy explore fresh perspectives and ways to increase resilience to life stressors; to this end, examination of relationships, community, daily rituals and habits, how we nourish and move our body, an exploration of spiritual practices and creative expressions are all potential roads of exploration.

My specialties include working with anxiety, depression and life transitions. Having worked in a variety of settings including outpatient clinics and hospitals, my experience and clinical interests include working with a diverse range of clients including ethnic and multicultural populations, individuals of varied gender and sexual identities, and adolescents and adults. On a personal note, I enjoy hiking, biking, spending time in nature, and making memories with loved ones. I practice yoga several times a week and enjoy learning about ancestral practices and herbalism.