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You’ve heard about all of the amazing benefits of meditation, but the how – how do you do it? – has gotten in the way. In fact, you have no clue where to begin.

You’ve tried once or twice, but you just can’t sit still… your mind keeps running. You must be doing something wrong. Or maybe you’re just not made to meditate…

This can’t be useful, can it? Sitting there, sitting still while your body hurts?

You’ve heard all about how meditation has been scientifically proven to lessen anxiety, depression, chronic pain…

Friends who are more spiritually-oriented may tell you all about the sense of peace they’ve derived, their increased confidence and deeper connection to their highest self and wisdom…

But you can’t imagine that sitting still for this long, watching your thoughts bounce around, could ever do for you what it has done for others.

And there are so many types of meditation to choose from – how do you pick?

That’s where we come in!

We can help you find the meditation practice that works best for you!

We offer many different approaches, techniques, and traditions such as: Pranayam, Zen, Kundalini, Mantra (transcendental), Vedic, Tantric, and Vipassana.

Whether you are looking for inner growth or you are a spiritual seeker – or both – meditation is a door to healing and awakening, a discipline that keeps you grounded, centered, and connected.

Whereas in conventional therapy you can heal through talking; in the practice of meditation, you heal through consistent training of the mind. Even better, the two approaches can always be utilized in tandem, to further boost your growth and healing. In fact, therapy and meditation are deeply complementary.

When you are ready to peel away layers of suffering, confusion, attachment and old stories that are covering or blocking your true self, meditation is a great next step.

The inner stability, confidence, and sense of peace that you’ve been craving can be sought and articulated through a meditation practice.

Private sessions last 50 minutes and are geared towards helping you find a meditation practice that’s ideal FOR YOU.

Over the course of our work, we will gradually build more depth and complexity into your practice – all at a pace that is right for you and aligned with your individual goals and desires.