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Meal Support Therapy

You already know that recovering from an eating disorder is hard.

And, while the emotions are challenging, it’s the food itself that can really make life tough.

It’s one thing to think about getting better – in general. But another to put the food in your mouth, bite after bite, meal after meal.

It does happen that, no matter your best intentions, there are times when you just get stuck. When you can’t do it – when you can’t manage to put that extra bite in your mouth, to try that new “challenge” food on your own, when you just can’t do it alone.

In these moments, you just can’t push through. You need just a bit more support in moving forward and gaining momentum.

That’s where Meal Support Therapy (MST) comes in.

We eat with you!

We eat, we sit, we chat, and we process the emotional reaction to the experience in real-time.

Using MST, we can help you confront and conquer difficulty ordering from a menu, fear foods, urges to restrict, binge or purge before, during or after the meal, and fears of eating in public.

We can also help you attune to hunger/fullness levels and physiological and emotional responses, and fast or slow eating behaviors.

To discuss whether MST might help your recovery, reach out to us by email or call.