Integrated Therapy for Women in New York City

You know who she is – that woman you want to be.

She walks through the world with ease – a sense of self and a confidence that is enviable as well as notable.

She isn’t crippled by anxiety or sadness.

She’s not obsessed with her body size or shape.

She lives life in the moment, seizing opportunities as they come and enjoying herself in the process.

It seems impossible – that woman seems like another person, another life.

How can you possibly access any of that when you’re so mired down in sadness, fear, confusion and hopelessness?

The answer comes from looking at – and working with – the whole, with all of who you are.

You are a whole being and your physical and psychological wellness work in tandem.

Your body cannot change without your mind’s consent…

…and your mind cannot change without the aid of your body.

We have to work with both.

Attending to your feelings without practical solutions keeps you stuck.

But implementing plans without considering feelings can lead you down a dark road and into a desolate wilderness.

You need strategies to combine both head and heart – to create space for wisdom.

The here and now isn’t always enough.

Sometimes we need more – to explore our dreams, our spirituality, even our faith. We welcome your exploration. When you’re ready to begin, contact us

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