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Individual Therapy

You walk around looking just like everyone else.

But it doesn’t feel that way inside.

You’re having a hard time…but if you just give it a few more days/weeks/months, maybe it will pass.

Or not.

It’s hard to know when to call a therapist.

It’s hard to know what warrants “going into therapy” – what problems are “therapy worthy.”

The answer? They all are.

The more significant question is: When are you willing to take a risk and ask for help?

Friends want you to feel better, so their feedback is geared to promote feeling good.

Therapists want to understand you – and help you really understand yourself.

Having someone to bounce your thoughts off of, validate your feelings, and also challenge you to explore and understand where they come from, is invaluable.

Individual therapy helps you fully explicate exactly how you got to this point….

And then how to get out of the struggle – and stay out.

Individual psychotherapy sessions last 50 minutes and involve one-on-one conversations with a therapist.

Sessions can be scheduled once, twice or three times per week depending on your needs.

We take an individualized approach to your therapy and create a plan that is specific to you.

What’s more, we advocate a team approach when necessary, working with nutritionists, physicians, and psychiatrists to facilitate your growth and development.

Call or email today to schedule your 15-minute consultation and see whether Individual therapy might help.