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Group Therapy

I’m totally alone – nobody understands.

There can’t possibly be anyone out there who is struggling with this as much as me.

Everyone else seems to have it so together.

Why am I the only one who can’t seem to figure it out?

Well, you’re not the only one – we know, everyone says that.

But really, if you were actually the only one, we wouldn’t have jobs.

That said, we know that struggling can feel incredibly isolating.

That’s part of why group therapy is so useful.

Actually, talking to others who are struggling with similar issues helps to lessen the self-condemnation and shame that psychological struggles create.

And, in so doing, makes room for us to do the work to change and feel better.

“Group” may sound intimidating, but it’s a small and intimate group…

…never more than 7 people. Usually more like 5.

We have a few different groups running right now that may address your particular need:

DBT Skills Group

This group has a class-like element to it. You will learn and discuss a combination of Zen Buddhist mindfulness techniques and Cognitive Behavioral Strategies to stop your problematic behaviors, fix your interpersonal communications, and help you create a life that you find is worth living.

Eating Disorder Recovery Group

This is an ongoing group (limited to 7 participants) for those who are working on recovering from an eating disorder or dysfunctional patterns of eating. The group uses the interpersonal interactions to explore the function of the eating disorder, support members in their quest for recovery, and promote the work of individual therapy. Members must be in individual therapy – either at IntrinPsych Woman or with an outside therapist.

Parenting Classes

We are incredibly excited to be partnering with the Early Childhood Development Center to offer classes that help with the confusion, curiosity, frustration, and isolation that may surround parenting. We have classes designed for mothers of babies, mothers of preschoolers, and working mothers.

To see if one of our groups is right for you, please email us at info@intrinpsychwoman.com or call (917) 750-1330.