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Emma Demar, LCSW

Clinical Director

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a therapist.

I grew up with a dream to pursue the performing arts. That said, I’ve always been the friend that others would come to for those deep life discussions, and I felt naturally drawn to conversations, books or films relating to psychology. In retrospect, I always had a calling to this type of work.

A few years after undergrad – and some further career exploration in jobs that weren’t a good fit – I decided I needed to follow my gut: I went to Fordham University and got my MSW in Social Work.

I feel honored and privileged to be someone who helps guide others on their journeys towards a heightened awareness of who they are; the opportunity to explore how your history led you to the current situation and how to use it to help you change is an exciting process!

While I treat a wide range of issues and concerns, my main areas of interest are Eating Disorders, Anxiety and OCD. I frequently work with teens and young adults. My style is warm, direct and personable, and I really tailor my approach towards each individual. My overall goal is to empower my clients to live their most successful and healthy lives and to get out of their own way. We can always be our own worst critic, but let’s learn how to build ourselves up and challenge our self-imposed limitations.

In my personal time, I enjoy watching reality television (guilty pleasure), or documentaries about mental health and addiction. I practice yoga multiple times a week and write poetry whenever I can. Also, social media is a huge creative outlet for me. I run the Instagram for IntrinPsych Woman, so make sure to check it out !