There’s a distance that’s been growing…

When you’re not home in front of the TV, there are people saying they want to connect, even help.

But it doesn’t feel that way.

Instead you’re all alone in the middle of a crowd.

It’s like a tinted glass wall between you and everyone/everything else. You keep hitting against it, but you can’t break through and everything is distorted.

Depression is like a weight that drags you down.

It makes you slower.

Every motion is more difficult – to the point where you’re so tired that even your thoughts are slower. Even small things require too much effort.

And it’s insidious. The very things that depression tells you to do – stay home, be alone, don’t reach out, don’t move, nobody can help, it’s not worth the effort – are the very things that keep depression alive and in control.

But depression is a state – not a feeling – though it includes feelings like sadness, anger and fear.

Feelings can be managed and States can be changed.

Therapy helps you change it.

You can start to move again, find more energy, and explore new ways of connecting, even if you start from behind the tinted glass.

We teach you concrete skills to help you change your mood.

We help you understand which thoughts are reinforcing your depression – and how to change them.

You’ll gain insight into the relationships and dynamics that led you into this deep, dark place – and how to stop it from happening again.

One call is all it takes to start the process . Contact us and we’ll connect you with a therapist who can help you climb out of the cavern of depression and back into your life.