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It’s a new kind of anxiety – like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. This is scary – being stuck inside with limited contact to the outside world. 

You want answers but do not have clarity on when things will feel normal again.

You have questions that have never occurred to you before – weren’t necessary: 

  • Is it safe to have groceries delivered?
  • Can I tolerate this long without social contact beyond my immediate family?
  • I’m single – how can I possibly spend all this time alone?
  • Did I get it? Will I be one of the people whose immune systems just don’t save them?
  • Did I wash my hands well enough? Did that person sneeze on me?

During this time, it’s essential to focus on your mental health – which is often ignored when physical health is the focus. 

We need to come together and be there for one another. 

Here at Intrinpsych Woman, we want to provide you a place of support and consistency during this very unpredictable, overwhelming time. 

To help us all stay connected, stay sane, and answer questions, we are offering 6-week virtual support groups lead by one of our trained therapists.  

If you are interested, please reach out by email  or call us by clicking here