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Couples Therapy

Frustration. Disconnection. Distance.

These are the common core struggles that drive couples to seek out counseling with us.

Frustration: I can’t believe she left the dishes in the sink – AGAIN! He told me he would be home at 7 – it’s 8:30 and he isn’t answering his phone!

Disconnection: I don’t understand. Every time I mention that I think we should change something, he gets defensive and refuses to discuss it. Every time I try to discuss something, she acts like I’m criticizing her.

Distance: He’s off at work, and I am home with the kids – we are leading different lives. We rarely have sex. When we do, it’s not what it used to be.

You keep having the same fight over and over – and nobody ever wins.

Your point never gets heard, or validated.

It’s like a game of telephone – you think you’re saying one thing, but the person on the other end hears some skewed and twisted version of what you intended.

It’s time to figure out a new way to connect.

Connection is possible. Change will happen.

Couples often feel relief after just one session – just speaking to someone can offer you a way forward.

Only when we aren’t defensive, can we listen enough to make the requisite change.

Sessions will teach you how to speak and listen in a different way and how to create a new language with each other so that you can hear the message clearly, directly and without threat.

From there, concrete change is far easier.

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