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Sometimes, it’s surprising how people react to you.

You think you’ve said something that is crystal clear, in both language and tone, but for reasons utterly beyond your comprehension, the response is completely different than what you expected.

Perhaps you thought you were speaking confidently, but were treated as if you were scared or incompetent.

Or you felt calm, but someone reacted as if you just yelled at them.

People respond to you in ways that seem infantilizing, infuriating, or downright condescending.

Sure, it might be that therapy is a good idea to see how you’re contributing to this pattern.

But it also might be something much subtler: your voice.

It’s amazing what intonation, pitch, and loudness can communicate – regardless of your intent.

If you’re frequently getting the wrong response, it may be your
actual voice that needs work.

Terri Brennan, our speech pathologist and vocal coach offers several options for vocal coaching.

  1. Voice Analysis Consultation – a 65-minute analysis and consultation during which Terri will:
    • Identify your voice’s physiological characteristics (resonance, pitch, intonation, and loudness).
    • Employ the latest research to link these characteristics to the emotions, moods, values, and intentions projected by your vocal vibration.
    • Provide individualized recommendations and step-by-step instruction to help you achieve your desired vocal image.
    • Provide a written Descriptive Report.
  2. Vocal Coaching Sessions – these focused, intensive sessions provide consultation, training and support in any of the following areas:
    • Interview Skills
    • Presentation Skills
    • Accent Modification Skills
    • The use of voice for effective communication with your partner or children
    • Cross Cultural Communication Skills
    • Listening Skills
  3. Sound Check – the 15-minute real time Sound Check service is for last minute voice checks before a podcast, presentation, date, meeting, or other special speaking event.

To schedule with Terri, call.