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Nobody looks for an answer if they don’t have questions.

Unfortunately, the questions tend to come from the experience of hurt – whether a mild twinge of discomfort, or the relentless ache of chronic emotional pain.

Pain, great or small, lets us know that something is wrong – that it isn’t working.

Therapy guides us through a process to fix it.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” – Amelia Earhart

It takes guts to even consider therapy. And it takes grit to see the process through.

Even more, it takes wisdom to recognize that treating the mind alone may not be enough.

When you call, we will answer (between 8 AM and 5pm) – otherwise, we will get back to you by the next business day.

When we connect, our first priority is scheduling a time for you to speak to a therapist – a 15-minute consultation to see if we can offer help. If we aren’t the right place, we will help you find someone who is a better fit.

When you come, you will find a warm and serene environment, a kind and friendly ear, and the beginning of your road to becoming the woman you want. At the end of your initial consultation, we will present a suggestion as to the best course of treatment – whether in our office, or through a different/combined modality of personal work – and will work with you to make this a reality.

Meet the Therapists

I’m Camilla, and I founded IntrinPsych Woman in 2013 in response to what I perceived as a deficit in the treatment of women’s mental health.

Coming from a background of treating eating disorders, I noted that attention is always paid to the mind and body – together. A team is put together to treat the whole individual: a therapist, nutritionist, psychiatrist and physician.

Why, I wondered, don’t we approach all mental health concerns with the same attention to the physical and psychological?

We know that cardiac issues can have a significant mental health component – you’ve heard about “Type A” personalities, right?

We know that oftentimes, back pain is linked to serious emotional blockages (check out Dr. John Sarno’s work).

We know that mindfulness meditation (which leads to stress reduction, compassion, and optimism) is linked to the elongation of our telomeres (those tags on the end of our DNA that determine the length of our lives).

IntrinPsych Woman was founded with a commitment to consider the physical and emotional lives of our patients.

And I sought out therapists from all degrees and educational pathways, who would tune into this connection.

But still, that wasn’t enough.

We all find solace in different ways. Some of us look to our dreams for information. Others to the stars. Others to prayer and meditation.

Too often, therapists think that these interests – these needs – are outside of the purview of therapeutic work. Not so.

Indeed, at times the spiritual longing, the ineffable is exactly what is causing pain.

And while we are not experts in theology, we can – and will – support your journey of exploration.

Our Therapists