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Anxiety can affect millions of us every single day. While we all may feel anxious and nervous from time to time due to work stress, financial troubles, or simply because we feel scared, or apprehensive about something- suffering from anxiety is different entirely.

It can impact your everyday life and how you manage social situations or difficult circumstances. You may struggle with confidence, have low self worth, or even have negative, toxic thoughts towards yourself. So, how can you manage an anxiety disorder? 

How Can You Manage Anxiety?

Anxiety is not something that goes away overnight, and there’s not a definitive answer or cure for anxiety. Whilst medication and counseling can help greatly, there are ways that you can manage anxiety for yourself. 

For instance, you need to ensure you have a well balanced diet and lifestyle. You should limit alcohol and caffeine that can aggravate panic attacks and only increase anxiety. You should also ensure you get plenty of exercise, and fresh air, and take time outs for yourself to ensure a calm, stable, mental wellbeing.

We always promote self help, and self care as this can also reduce the risk of anxiety attacks. For instance, daily walks, getting plenty of sleep, and taking care of yourself are great ways to ensure your anxiety levels remain low. You can also try using positive affirmations to help reinforce positive thoughts and feelings. 

woman meditating on beach looking out at calm ocean waves3 Ways Positive Affirmations Can Help Manage Anxiety

Before we head into ways you can use positive affirmations for anxiety, let’s talk a little about what positive affirmations are. Positive affirmations are simple statements or mantras that you repeat over and over in order to make or promote a positive change in your mindset and life. 

When someone suffers from anxiety, they may have lots of negative thoughts and beliefs, and being more positive can help alter that mindset. So, how can these help manage your anxiety? 

  • Boosts Self Confidence

Positive affirmations help to boost your self worth and self confidence as you start to repeat these phrases as part of your day to day life and routine. You’ll start to reinforce these messages and see things in a more positive light.

  • Increases Motivation & Optimism

Positive affirmations work to create new attitudes and alter your past behavior patterns. This can help you take a more optimistic approach to life, and boost your motivation to do things. This can help you move out of your comfort zone, or move away from negative thoughts to tackle issues head on, decreasing the chance of anxiety attacks.

  • Counters Feelings Of Stress, Worry & Panic

Anxiety can often make us feel overwhelmed, panicked, stressed and nervous. By having a positive mindset and mantra to stick to, this can keep you grounded and calm in difficult situations as you can tell yourself that everything is okay, and remind yourself that you can get through it successfully. 

Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

Positive affirmations should always start with or include ‘I’ or ‘My’ as this can help you feel a sense of self and makes them more specific to your goals and needs. You can make up your own affirmations to make them more suited to you but we have some helpful affirmations here:

  • My Past Will Not Stop Me 
  • I Will React Positively To The Situation
  • I Am Not Under Threat
  • I Am Safe
  • There Is Nothing I Cannot Overcome
  • Stress Is Leaving My Body
  • I’ll Survive This 
  • I Am In Control
  • I Am Strong
  • I Am Worthy

The best way to start using positive affirmations in your life is to implement them as part of a routine. Say them to yourself or out loud in the morning, or when under stress. Breathe in and out and speak your affirmations. 

If you are struggling with anxiety, let’s connect soon so we can help you in anxiety therapy.