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You’ve made it all the way through college!

Each milestone, every hurdle, every task – you achieved and overcame them all.

And here you are.

You’ve graduated.

Now what…?

Before and during adolescence, you were prepped – classes at school talked about the changes in your body, in your hormones, in your sex drive, and mood.

You knew the SAT’s were coming – and maybe had some coaching to help get you through.

When applying to college, you had guidance counselors to lead you through the process.

In college, you still kind of knew what to expect: pick a major, join a sorority, learn to drink responsibly, find a different kind of romantic relationship.

But nobody talks about your 20’s.

There isn’t any prep – no clear sense of how, once you leave your educational institution, you’re supposed to navigate life.

There were no courses on budgeting your money or dating in your 20’s or the loneliness you would feel when you don’t live in the dorms.

You haven’t been given any timeline of how long this is going to take to figure out.

There aren’t any signs to look out for so you know when you’re floundering and falling behind.

How are you supposed to figure it all out?

All of the therapists at IntrinPsych Woman have been through this.

We know personally and professionally the various struggles women encounter in their 20’s.

Through gaining a better understanding of yourself: what do I actually want to be doing for work? What kind of relationship is right for me?

Comprehending which behaviors are helping you move forward in your life: my morning routine is really working for me – and getting me to work on time. I love taking a solid lunch break – it rejuvenates me

Identifying which are causing chaos: Why does every date I go on ghost me? Why do my friends seem so annoyed with me after the party last night?

Navigating your 20’s can seem scary. But it’s also an exciting time as you learn more about yourself, consider hopes for your future, and establish firmer goals and values.

We can help you during this time of transition. Call today, and let’s talk about how we can support you.