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Women’s Therapy on the Upper East Side

IntrinPsych Woman is a wellness center devoted to helping women of all ages as they navigate and explore life’s questions, challenges, and transitions. 

No matter what your questions or problems are, or what stage of life you’re in, our therapists are intimately familiar and well educated in helping women navigate the issues that pertain to each stage of life.

Certain issues are common to women in general, or to each phase of a woman’s life in particular. We have devoted this practice to guiding women through these confusing and challenging times, helping them to emerge a more whole, confident, and healthy version of themselves than before.

If you’re looking for women’s therapy on the Upper East Side, contact IntrinPsych Woman today. We will connect you to the therapist of your choice, or the therapist whom we believe will be best suited to counsel you.

Mind-Body Approach – Women’s Therapy on the Upper East Side

We take a Mind-Body Approach to our therapy, collaborating with other health care professionals and offering referrals where needed. We approach each patient as the unique woman that she is, specifically tailoring our treatment plans to her individual needs.

IntrinPsych Woman: Specializations

We are devoted to doing everything in our power to meet all our clients’ needs. As such, we provide individual therapy, group therapy, meal support therapy (for our patients with eating disorders and dysfunctional eating patterns), and workshops.

Our specializations include:


Self-actualization refers to the process of becoming wholly and fully oneself. We will address your individual fears and cultural constraints to help you find your voice and a sense of personal empowerment.


Being bombarded by peer pressure, images and ideas portrayed in the media, and social media interactions make identity development extremely difficult for adolescent girls. Because of this, many girls and young women turn to alcohol, drugs, cutting, eating disorders, depression, or anxiety as a means of coping.

Young Adults

After you get past adolescence, you think the worst is behind you. Then you experience the challenges of entering and graduating college, moving out on your own, pursuing a career path, becoming financially independent, and finding a partner. The process of identity formation is longer than we were led to expect!

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Parenthood

Whether you’re struggling with infertility, already pregnant, or just entering motherhood, these are emotional, both physically and mentally challenging (sometimes exhausting!), and truly defining moments in a woman’s life. They affect not only the woman personally, but her partner and the relationship as well.

Mid to Later Life

Many changes during this phase of a woman’s life are unique to the female experience. Changes in body image and sexuality, shifts in roles as mother, wife, and caregiver, bereavement and loss, empty nest, menopause issues, and becoming a grandparent are often not given much attention, and women suffer in silence.

Eating Disorders

It is more and more difficult for girls and women to escape childhood without some sort of body issue, from a mild struggle with self-image and acceptance to an all-consuming, unhealthy body image or eating disorder. We treat Anorexia, Bulimia, Overeating, Binge Eating Disorder, and other patterns of dysfunctional eating.

At IntrinPsych Woman, we utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a time-limited, focused therapy focused on dealing with a very targeted, specific issue. We also employ Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which is highly effective in reducing multiple psychological symptoms including cutting, bingeing, purging, substance abuse and angry outbursts.

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