• Are you feeling stuck, hopeless, and overwhelmed?
  • Are you unhappy with your relationships?
  • Have you become uninterested in doing things that you used to like?
  • Are you struggling with a particular issue in your life and don’t know how to fix it?

You may be feeling stuck in life, having difficulties in moving to the next level in your career or personal life.   Or maybe something has happened in your life that is making it difficult to feel in control.  You can get better. You can feel like you are controlling your emotions and and get on track to finding peace of mind.  

IntrinPsych Woman is a wellness center where women can engage in honest discussion with qualified counselors.  At its core, the Center is built on the backbone of a supportive community for women, by women, and about women. We believe that developing strong women in communities is essential to the well-being of our society and we work to reveal all women’s strengths through empowerment and acceptance.

Women’s Therapy in Union Square – Specializations

We offer individual therapy, group therapy, workshops and meal support therapy for our clients struggling with eating disorders and dysfunctional eating patterns.  Our team of certified therapists are highly trained and experienced to assist women of all ages in the following areas:

  • Self-actualization – The process of becoming wholly and fully oneself
  • Adolescence – Developing a positive identity in a culture of peer pressure and media influence
  • Early Adulthood – A time of self-discovery: Entering and graduating college, pursuing a career, finding a partner, becoming financially independent, and being out on one’s own
  • Fertility, Pregnancy, and Parenthood – A period of emotional highs and lows, causing both physical and mental stress on a woman and her partner
  • Mid to Later Life – Menopause, post-menopause; shifts in roles as mother and wife; empty nest; becoming a grandparent; becoming a caregiver to a parent or spouse; bereavement and loss; body image and sexuality changes
  • Eating Disorders – Any pattern of dysfunctional eating

Please contact IntrinPsych Woman today to get started on your path to a peaceful mind.