Women’s Counseling in the East Village

Women’s Counseling in the East Village

If you live in or near the East Village, Manhattan and are interested in counseling for women’s issues, we invite you to call IntrinPsych Woman today.

IntrinPsych Woman is a wellness center devoted to helping women across the lifespan as they navigate through life’s challenges, questions, and transitions. 

At IntrinPsych Woman, we specialize in the following areas of women’s lives:


Adolescence is a difficult time for girls. Identity development is taking place, and girls are bombarded with images, ideas, and pressure from the media and peers. Many girls feel like they can’t cope and turn to cutting, drugs or alcohol, eating disorders, or sexual promiscuity in order to “control” their lives or escape this confusing time.

Young Adulthood

Many young women believe if they make it through high school, they are out of the woods. However, recent reclassifications of the stage of adolescence suggest that issues common to adolescence extend through the age of 25.

Issues common to young women include leaving home, becoming financially independent, entering and graduating college, pursuing a career, finding a partner, and overall independence.

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Parenting

These are defining moments in a woman’s life, filled with excitement, nervousness, and anxiety. The emotional highs and lows associated with starting a family affect not only the woman herself, but her partner.

Whether you are trying to become pregnant, struggling with infertility, currently pregnant, transitioning into motherhood, or dealing with postpartum depression, IntrinPsych woman has counselors who can directly relate and who have the professional experience to counsel you through it.

Mid to Later Life

Mid to later life comes with a number of changes and challenges unique to the female experience, yet this life stage is often under-acknowledged by the mental health profession.

Changes in health, empty nest; role shifts from wife or mother to caregiver; becoming a grandparent; bereavement and loss; menopause and post-menopause; and changes in body image and sexuality are some of the issues women in mid to later life encounter.

Eating Disorders

At IntrinPsych Woman, we help girls and women with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, chronic overeating, binge eating disorder, or any other pattern of dysfunctional eating.

In conjunction with other forms of treatment, we also offer meal support therapy to help our patients deal with their daily struggles with food in a practical way, thereby enforcing long-term success.


Self-actualization is the experience of becoming fully and wholly oneself. Part of the process is addressing fears and cultural constraints as you search for your own voice and a sense of personal empowerment.

Whether it be in the area of a woman’s work or personal life, being true to one’s self is a lifelong challenge.

CBT, DBT and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

We utilize a number of therapies, depending upon each woman’s need. These include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, to name a few.

Women’s Counseling in the East Village – IntrinPsych Woman

Contact IntrinPsych Woman today to begin your journey toward health and wellness. We will match you with the counselor of your choice, or the one whom we believe will best meet your needs. We look forward to assisting you!