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Moms Heart Style Group

MomsHeartStyleRedPutting the Me Back into Mommy

This group is a 12 week time-limited group that provides a fun, safe, comfortable space for mothers with children aged 4 months and up to come together and discuss all the changes – physical and emotional – brought by the transition into motherhood.

Some examples of group topics include:

  • Function and Fashion – Not Versus! A look at the ways we want to be efficient and practical, and where we feel we want to be more playful and expressive.
  • Self-full vs. Selfish: Defining what our needs are in order to be 100% present when in our parenting role.
  • Redefining Roles: Mom, Self, Wife/Partner, Friend: A look at the transition from who we were before becoming a Mother to who we are now, all through the lens of our various relationships
  • Old School: A look at ways to “bring back” and integrate the Pre-Mommy self into the New Mommy self.

Would you like more information about this group? Contact the group leaders here.