Group Therapy



Group psychotherapy involves a group of 4-6 individuals who come together to explore a common issue or concern. These sessions are usually 1.5 hours and meet weekly.

IntrinPsych Woman currently offers the following groups:

Moms Heart Style – New Mom’s Group

This group offers a fun-filled approach to dealing with the changes in life, body, and sense of self that accompany the transition to motherhood. Using clothing and personal style as a starting point, we’ll discover and redefine how we relate to ourselves and those around us – all through the lens of feeling and looking our best.

Improve Your Body Image Group

Over the course of 12 sessions you will be guided through a series of exercises that will change your feelings about – and relationship to – your body.

20-Something Psychotherapy Group

This ongoing group for women in their 20s is an opportunity to process, troubleshoot, and strategize with your peers about the struggles of being a woman in her 20s in New York City.

DBT Skills Group

This is a 12-week group led by a formally trained DBT therapist. The DBT Skills Group teaches individuals a set of skills to be more effective in everyday life and be better armed to navigate the inevitable ups and downs of life. The group will cover all four of the DBT modules: core mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. We will be offering a DBT Adult Skills Group and a DBT Adolescent Skills Group.

DBT Adult Skills Group

DBT Adolescent Skills Group