What is ‘Wise Mind’?

by Bianca VonBank, LMFT Have you ever had a moment where you felt a sense of calm and knew what you needed to do or what was going to be best and you were able to act from that place? Kind of like what Oprah calls an “Ah-ha moment”? Or, have you ever been in… Read More

Mindfulness: What’s All the Hype About? (Part 1)

Most likely you’ve heard the term ‘mindfulness’, as the concept has recently made its way into the pop psych spotlight. And for good reason, too. Many therapists, hospitals, and wellness centers are incorporating mindfulness techniques into their programs. Even high schools across the country are integrating mindfulness training into their health and PE curriculum. It’s… Read More

3 Apps Worth Downloading to Practice Your DBT Skills

by Bianca VonBank, LPMFT DBT Therapist Are you engaging in Dialectical Behavior Therapy? If so, here are 3 apps worth downloading to practice your DBT skills:   DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach This is the only app on the market that is created by an intensively trained DBT psychologist, which basically means you get to… Read More

Eating Disorders: Not Just a Teenage Problem

Research is revealing that more and more women are falling prey to eating disorders later in life. These may be relapses of eating disorders from years gone by, or they may be unique to midlife issues. Nevertheless, this ‘significant minority’ is growing, and the problem needs attention. An online survey as part of the Gender… Read More