Addiction  is the  repeated involvement with  a substance or activity, despite the substantial harm it now
causes,   because  that  involvement  was  (and   may  continue  to  be) pleasurable  and/or  valuable.
Addiction  can  take many  forms  including  (but not limited to) alcohol,  nicotine,  shopping,  gambling,
prescription medication, drugs, the internet.  Whatever the substance/behavior, addiction is an attempt
to find relief from emotional, physical and psychic distress.

At  IntrinPsych Woman,  we  work with  a variety  of  approaches  to  the  treatment  of  addiction  including

  • Moderation management
  • Harm Reduction
  • 12 Steps
  • SMARTRecovery
  • Dharma Punx
  • Abstinence

Whether  the goal  is  moderation  or  abstinence,  your  therapist  will offer practical approaches to assist you in
making meaningful  changes  with  respect  to  your  substance or  behavior.    As  part  of your  therapy,  you
will build relapse  prevention tools,  receive  resources  and  education,  and address  the  contributing
factors  behind  the  addiction.