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Something isn’t working – and hasn’t been for some time now.

Change is on the horizon – so close it’s nearly tangible.

Whatever has been holding you back, you’re ready to set it down.


Mind and Body

You are a whole being and your physical and psychological wellness work in tandem.

Your body cannot change without your mind’s consent – and your mind cannot change without the aid of your body.

We have to work with both.

Head and Heart

Attending to your feelings without practical solutions keeps you stuck.

But implementing plans without considering feelings can lead you down a dark road and into a desolate wilderness.

You need strategies to combine both head and heart – to create space for wisdom.

Looking Beyond

The here and now isn’t always enough.

Sometimes we need more – to explore our dreams, our spirituality, even our faith.

We welcome your exploration.

We’re IntrinPsych Woman.

We are dedicated to helping you conquer life’s challenges and become you’re fullest, most authentic, self.

We consider all of your interrelated facets – biological, emotional, cognitive, relational, cultural and spiritual – as essential to your overall wellness.

Together with you, we will create a plan of action that addresses each of these areas, speaks to your specific needs and will set you on coarse to achieve your goals.

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